I have worked with Sarita for over 20 years and would have no hesitation recommending her as an extremely dedicated, talented make up artist.
Ted Thornton, Producer

I have worked with Sarita over the last twenty years and have found her to be professional and great to have on set.
Tom Merilion, Director

I love Sarita. She’s a great make up artist and great company. She has worked on numerous shoots with me and every time the results were perfect. Not just in terms of technical ability, but in the way she becomes part of the atmosphere of the shoot and knows exactly when to add something or to hold back. She has the talent and perception for every extreme, from make up that looks as though it isn’t there at all, to the extravagantly glamorous, through to dramatic prosthetics, special effects and character. Her wide ranging experience from portraiture to feature films and beyond gives her a rare depth and sensitivity in a profession that tends towards one dimensional approaches.
Andrew Catlin, Photographer, Artist, Explorer

Sarita is an exceptional effects make-up artist who is creative, reliable and fearless. She has proved invaluable on many occasions.I would recommend her to anyone.
Nick Dudman

I’ve worked with Sarita twice – she was Hair & Make Up Designer for two of my movies, TORMENTED (2009) and THE INFIDEL (2010). In the first she had to oversee a score of beautiful teenagers become mangled dead corpses (or in one case, into a vengeful blue-veined, black-eyed zombie); whilst in THE INFIDEL she had to deal with more beards than any woman really wants to know about in the normal course of events. In both cases, she discharged her duties with style and grace, helping us make demanding schedules whilst keeping standards very high. I’d be delighted to work with her again.
Arvind Ethan David

Sarita is a fantastic Makeup Artist/Designer. She is incredibly creative, a pleasure to work with and excels at both beauty and special FX makeup.
Tracy Brimm

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